Top Physical Therapy Blogs

Physical therapy (PT) is a highly diverse field that impacts so many people and is full of interesting specialties. Many passionate professionals educate fellow therapists or their patients through blogging about various aspects of PT- from injury prevention to managing a practice to the treatment of various conditions. We have looked at many physical therapy blogs in the space to learn more about the great advice that these professionals are offering. To celebrate their contributions to the space, we have created this list of the Top 50 Physical Therapy Blogs of 2021!

In this list you will find 50 great physical therapy blogs (and blogs that complement the work that physical therapists do) that have been chosen based on the in depthness of their posts, range of physical therapy information, frequency of posting and more.

Keep reading to find interesting physical therapy blogs, sorted into the following categories:

General Physical Therapy Blogs

Congratulations to this year’s top general physical therapy blogs:

Access Physical Therapy and Wellness

The Access Physical Therapy and Wellness blog has a lot of great information on the benefits of physical therapy and talks about important issues in PT such as opioid use. This is a blog that can help patients to get to know more about PT and what the benefits are. There is also great advice that healthy individuals not in need of physical therapy can use to prevent injury. Posts are nice and concise and easy to read.

Our favorite article: Are You a Passive Patient or an Active Consumer of Healthcare?

Ask Doctor Jo

Dr. Jo’s blog is full of knowledge related to preventing injury as well as pain management. There are also video exercise tips so you can easily learn proper PT exercise form. There are different sections of her blog dedicated to different body parts so you can find posts relevant to you. Dr. Jo also discusses various pain management modalities, such as TENS units, frequently, if you are interested in learning about alternative pain management treatments.

Our favorite article: 10 Best Swiss Ball Exercises (Moderate)

Read our interview with Dr. Jo

ATI Physical Therapy

ATI Physical Therapy is a good place to go to learn more about current physical therapy topics, as well as advice on how to stay healthy and prevent injury. They are a good blog to visit if you are interested in learning about various modalities and when they should be used. Information pertains to both pediatric and adult therapy! Concepts are all well broken down and frequently reference relevant research if you want to learn more about the evidence.

Our favorite article: Healthy Traveling Makes for Happy Travelers

Baudry Therapy Center

The blog from this group of Louisiana practices is written for both patients looking for information on various PT issues and professionals looking for workplace advice. The blog has many posts specific to education on various modalities such as manual therapy and ASTYM, for those who want to learn more about treatment options. Finally, there are several great posts specific to different sports, if you are looking for information on sports related injury.

Our favorite article: Build a Healthier Work Environment

Evidence in Motion

Evidence in Motion covers a variety of subjects within the PT field- from professional development to research and treatment. Not only will you find blog posts focusing on evidence-based practice but podcast episodes as well. EIM also has fascinating interviews with all sorts of PT professionals and also talks about industry trends. We love that they have several different contributing authors- giving us a wide variety of perspectives!

James Fowler Physical Therapy

James Fowler discusses a broad range of physical therapy topics on his blog- major focuses throughout his posts are on health and wellness and pain management, but he tackles a bunch of other topics including specific injuries and sports therapy as well. There is a lot of advice that patients can use, including stretches and other wellness tips.

Our favorite article: Reducing Back Pain Through Improved Core Strength & Mobility

Move Forward PT

Move Forward PT is a resource put out by the APTA that is very useful for those with PT needs who are looking for information on various conditions and prevention. This resource really covers the basics of PT and also includes guides on finding a PT professional in your area. If you have benefitted from PT yourself, you can also submit a patient story! With podcasts and videos as part of their lineup, you can learn about how physical therapy can benefit people in many ways.

Our favorite article: How Physical Therapists Manage Pain

New Heights Physical Therapy

New Heights Physical Therapy is a great blog for learning more about the conditions that physical therapy can benefit. Posts are full of advice for patients that is laid out in an easy to read way. Many of the posts are beneficial to any person wanting to stay healthy, not just those currently in physical therapy!

Our favorite article: Physical Therapy for Heart Disease


Therapydia is an awesome source of sports specific physical therapy knowledge as well as important advice for current and future physical therapy patients. Here, those in need of PT services can find information on how to access PT care in each state (since the rules are so different throughout the country) and insurance information. There is also a lot of information on what to expect during PT sessions.

Our favorite article: Direct Access to Physical Therapy in the U.S.

Today in PT

The Today in PT blog looks at topical issues within PT, including opioids, concussions, and virtual reality. While they do not post super frequently, the information they share is well thought out and thorough. This blog is written for an audience of professionals looking for more information on interesting issues in the field. Today in PT is also a source of CE for professionals looking to meet their CE requirements.

Total Performance Physical Therapy

Total Performance PT is a source of information on a wide range of general PT topics. Prevention, pain management, and injury specific treatment are all discussed. The blog’s explanations of different injuries are well broken down so that even those with minimal PT knowledge can understand. Their posts also suggest practical paths to recovery outside of PT sessions- such as diet, clothing choices, and more.

Our favorite article: My Pain Won’t Go Away

Pediatric Physical Therapy Blogs

Congratulations to this year’s top pediatric physical therapy blogs:

ABC Pediatric Therapy

The ABC Pediatric Therapy Network is a great resource for parents of children who benefit from a variety of pediatric therapies. It is easy to search on the site for articles by condition so that you can find information that is relevant to you. Definitely an interesting read for those who want to learn more about not only PT, but occupational therapy and speech-language pathology as well.

Our favorite article: First Time Orthotics

Dinosaur Physical Therapy

The Dinosaur Physical Therapy blog offers a lot of useful advice for parents on areas like toy selection, proper footwear, and more! There are also good tips for encouraging motor development in children, as well as information on various types of pediatric physical therapy issues. Posts are concise and easy to read.

Our favorite article: Teaching Children to Walk

Read our interview with Dr. Rebecca Talmud

Kid PT

Kid PT uses blog posts as well as some videos to educate parents on topics from screen time to sleep from a physical therapy point of view. Posts are more focused towards everyday life than therapy itself, and the advice is useful not just for parents of children with PT needs, but for parents of children without PT needs as well.

Our favorite article: Screen Time Guidelines for Parents

Pediatric Physical Therapy: A resource for parents in Middlesex County

Mary Evans is a PT who works with children and created this blog as a resource to educate parents and empower them to make physical therapy choices for their kids. In the blog, she talks about the various ways that children can benefit from PT, covering a wide variety of topics and conditions. There is also great advice on activities that the whole family can enjoy, even if a disability needs to be considered.

Our favorite article: Successful Bracing for Scoliosis

Read our interview with Dr. Mary Evans

North Shore Pediatric Therapy

This blog is full of great advice for parents of children benefiting from physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech pathology, including several posts on how to make the most of your child’s time in therapy both inside and outside of sessions. There is information specific to a variety of conditions as well as information on things to consider seasonally when your child has PT needs. Posts are informative and easy to read.

Our favorite article: What Are Executive Function Skills?

Pink Oatmeal

Pink Oatmeal is a pediatric physical therapy resource for PTs, full of great ideas for new and fun motor activities to use in PT sessions. The site also provides useful PT tools such as documentation resources and other printables. With the ideas on this site, you will always have new and fun ways to engage your patients!

Our favorite article: School Based Physical Therapy Activities

Starfish Therapies

Starfish therapies makes sure to provide information on their blog that both professionals and parents find valuable. From information for parents on implementing physical therapy exercises to the importance of strength and motor development, a variety of topics are covered as well as a variety of specific pediatric PT issues. This blog is particularly full of good information for parents of infants and very young children.

Our favorite article: Toy Selection for Young Kids

Wired On Development

This is a great blog for those who who specialize in pediatric physical therapy, particularly those who work on child neuromotor development and disability. Posts are written by a variety of professionals in the field so that advice is offered from a wide variety of sources. Additionally, this site is great for OTs and other therapists working with children!

Our favorite article: Karen Pape: Optimizing Outcomes in Cerebral Palsy

Read our interview with Mindy

Professional Development Physical Therapy Blogs

Congratulations to this year’s top professional development physical therapy blogs:

Colorado Physical Therapy Network

The Colorado Physical Therapy Network blog is an excellent source of career information for physical therapists. There is a lot of insight on practice building as well as hiring and career trends in the field. This blog is also a good source of information on various conditions that physical therapists treat. 

Our favorite article: Help Dementia Patients Boost Their Cognitive Functions Through Your Physical Therapy Practice

Forward Thinking PT

Forward Thinking PT covers many types of professional topics within physical therapy- from business management to information on different types of physical therapy modalities to education options for future PTs. They prioritize providing evidence based information that can help improve your clinical practice. The advice in this blog is useful for PTs in any setting.

Our favorite article: PhysioFuturism: How Technology is Changing the Future of Physical Therapy

The Non-Clinical PT

The Non-Clinical PT has so much great advice for rehab professionals in non-clinical settings. On the site you will find a lot of professional and career information as well as spotlights on various therapists who have taken non clinical routes so you can learn about their paths. There are also courses that you can sign up for and job postings available for those looking for new opportunities.

Our favorite article: Non-Clinical Jobs for Physical Therapists


WebPT is a nice place to find practice management advice- from practice expansion to your practice’s web presence. They post practical advice almost every day and have a particularly wide range of information on billing. If you have any questions about practice management- there is probably a post on WebPT that can answer your questions. You do not need to be business savvy to understand the advice in this blog- it is well broken down for those new to these responsibilities.

Our favorite article: Claim Time: How Many Units Per Visit Should a PT Bill?

Rehab/Orthopaedic/Sports Physical Therapy Blogs

Congratulations to this year’s top rehab, orthopaedic, and sports physical therapy blogs:

ACP’s The Pulse

The Pulse is an excellent blog that is relevant to a wide variety of healthcare professionals including physical therapists, other therapists and nurses. There are a lot of great posts on pain management, measuring outcomes, different modalities, and more. Information is all evidenced based so you can count on the fact that what you read is proven by research!

Our favorite article: Improving Strength and Functional Mobility After a Stroke Using Electrical Stimulation and Exercise

Athletico Physical Therapy

The Athletico blog provides a lot of physical therapy advice tailored to specific sports and activities. The blog is written to a patient audience by physical therapists. They also discuss topical issues such as the effect of smartphones on neck pain. Many different PT professionals contribute their perspectives through both personal experience and modern research.

Our favorite article: The Benefits of Working Out in the Water

Better Movement

Better Movement focuses on exercise and athleticism and how to stay healthy and injury free. Author Todd Hargrove is a manual and movement therapist and offers a LOT of great information on pain and how it works, posture, and coordination. A great deal of research goes into writing these articles- there is clearly an emphasis on evidence-based. The posts about the relationship between pain and the brain and surgery effectiveness are fascinating!

Our favorite article: Predictive Coding: Why Expectation Matters for Movement and Pain

Read our interview with Todd Hargrove

Classic Rehabilitation, Inc

The Classic Rehabilitation blog covers a lot of general physical therapy topics, but goes more in depth into aquatic therapy than most other blogs in its category. Blogs are focused on a patient audience and a great source of information on the benefits of PT. There are some great posts in particular on PT’s role in paid reduction as well as weight loss.

Our favorite article: What is Aquatic Therapy Used for?

Fitness Pain Free

This resource talks about how to navigate the gym while preventing injury and avoiding aggravation of current injuries. Geared toward a patient audience, there is advice for exercise modification, different types of training, strengthening exercises, and more. Useful for anyone who exercises at any level.

Our favorite article: Can We Predict Who Will Get Hurt Doing CrossFit™?

Mike Reinold

Mike Reinold combines the use of blogging and podcasting to cover a variety of physical therapy topics. He offers a lot of great professional development advice about things like collaborating with other professionals and the future of the PT field. He also offers thoughts and ideas on treatment for various conditions that you can use in everyday practice. Mike stresses the importance of combining evidence and experience in your PT practice.

Our favorite article: Developing Relationships with Physicians (Podcast)

Running Physio

Running Physio has all sorts of great advice on performance, injury prevention, and more as they relate to running. The blog does a good job of discussing considerations various populations should take as they run. There is also a lot of great information on mental health, which is an important but sometimes overlooked aspect of injury recovery.

Our favorite article: Can a Healthy Gut Mean Running Faster?

Read our interview with Tom

Spear Physical Therapy

The Spear Physical Therapy blog is full of informative podcasts and posts, focusing largely on sport and athletic related physical therapy. There are some phenomenal interviews and patient stories demonstrating the impact PT has on so many lives, which is a great way to get a varied perspective. 

Our favorite article: Embrace Your Core Season 2 Ep 001- Steve Serio (Paralympic Gold Medalist)

Sports PT NY

Sports PT NY has a great blog discussing injury prevention and performance in sports and exercise. Posts are geared toward patients and athletes so those looking to stay healthy and active will find this blog very interesting. Even those who only exercise casually can learn a lot about doing so in a safe manner from this blog.

The Knee Resource

The Knee Resource is full of useful tools that you can use when treating patients with all sorts of knee injuries and conditions. There is a video library full of in depth information on treatment and assessment of various conditions, as well as written protocols, guides to various conditions, and scoring and assessment tools.

Our favorite article: ACL Assessment Videos

The Manual Therapist

The Manual Therapist is an interesting resource for information specific to the manual therapy realm of physical therapy, but also full of practical knowledge that any physical therapist would find valuable. Through posts, videos, and podcasts, Dr. E provides information on manual therapy, injury prevention, and professional development. We recommend checking out the Untold Physio Stories podcast!

Our favorite article: Untold Physio Stories 134 – Changing Lives and Saving Limbs

Student Physical Therapy Blogs

Congratulations to this year’s top student physical therapy blogs:

Breanna Spain

Breanna Spain’s PT School blog offers tips for PT students from a current student herself! Posts offer advice on things like staying organized and studying, and also offer insights on life as a PT student, including clinical experiences and more. A great take on PT school from someone with a fresh perspective.

Our favorite article: My First Clinical Experience/Outpatient Orthopedics (with a Little Bit of Acute Care)

Read our interview with Breanna Spain

Life of a DPT Student

Life of a DPT Student takes you through the author’s entire DPT experience- including class, clinical rotations, and life in general. The blog is neatly organized into years so you can look at posts about the part of the DPT journey that is most relevant to you. There are also section for study tips and application advice- valuable information from someone who has gone through the experience recently.

My Road to PT

This blog, run by a 2018 DPT program graduate, is full of great advice for both those who are considering applying to DPT programs and those who are in the midst of completing a program. There are application tips, study tips, and more. While the blog is not updated as often post Katie’s graduation- the advice she offers continues to be useful to any DPT student!

Our favorite article: Observation of Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries

Read our interview with Katie

The DPT Diaries

The DPT Diaries is full of DPT student advice, from how to get into physical therapy school to what life is like as a DPT student. Yursa also has a lot of great advice for those entering DPT programs with mental health issues- she talks about how she manages her own mental health as she earns her education, making her a great advocate for others who need advice on navigating school with mental health issues themselves.

The Student Physical Therapist

The Student Physical Therapist has many interesting posts discussing current topics in physical therapy as well as advice for DPT students. There is also a lot of discussion of assessment and treatment of various conditions and injuries. If you are interested in specializing, this blog often discusses the various benefits.

Our favorite article: When is it right to pursue a residency?

Read our interview with the authors

Specialty Physical Therapy Blogs

Congratulations to this year’s top specialty physical therapy blogs:

Dr. John M (Cardiac/Electrophysiology)

The Dr. John M blog focuses on cardiac and electrophysiology PT. Many posts focus on atrial fibrillation and other cardiac issues that PT can help. There are posts geared towards patients and posts geared towards professionals, so there is something for everyone who has an interest in this area of physical therapy. For patients, Dr. John M does a good job of talking to patients about improving communication with their doctors. For professionals, he is a great source of insight relating to research and trends within the specialty.

Our favorite article: To Deprescribe…Adding a New Verb to the Language of Doctoring

The Physical Therapy Advisor (Geriatric)

The Physical Therapy advisor is directed toward adults wanting to know more about prevention and treatment for the pains and injuries that come with age. Advice covers a variety of settings including the gym, the workplace, and everyday injury prevention. Each post is detailed and thorough, and may include actual exercises, diet tips, or other advice for living a healthy life while aging.

Our favorite article: 4 Key Strategies for Preventing and Treating Osteoarthritis

re+active pt (Neurological)

This blog takes a look at many of the conditions and issues that neurological physical therapists work with. Some posts are geared towards professionals and others are geared towards patients, so there is something to learn for anyone who has a connection to neurological PT. Posts are super thorough and full of great information. The more clinical posts are very well researched and include great tools and additional resources.

Our favorite article: A Neurological Physical Therapist’s Guide to Treating Cervical Dystonia

Back Pain and Neck Pain Blog (Pain)

This blog examines the various reasons why back and neck pain develop and what you can do to prevent, manage, and reduce that pain. Because the focus is on these types of pain specifically, there is a lot of information in this one place for those with back and neck pain issues. There is also so much information on specific conditions as well as treatments.

Our favorite article: 2 Ways a Rolled Towel Can Reduce Neck Pain

Healthskills (Pain)

Healthskills focuses a lot on pain management, doing so by thoroughly discussing interesting and new concepts and practices in this area. If you are looking for a well educated perspective on pain management, this is the blog for you! While Dr. Thompson is trained as an OT, her knowledge is very applicable to PT considerations- particularly given the important role PT plays in pain management.

Our favorite article: Uncertainty: Perennial Controversies in Pain Understanding

Herman and Wallace (Pelvic Health)

Herman and Wallace specializes in pelvic health rehabilitation and has a great blog that offers a variety of information on this area of PT. Articles explain the science behind pelvic health issues and treatments, and also comment on important issues such as providing proper treatment for gender diverse patients. Articles are written for professionals who are looking for more information in the field.

Our favorite article: Persistent Pain, the Neuromatrix, and Pain Perception

PT Adventures (Travel)

If you are interested in becoming a traveling PT, check out PT Adventures! This resource answers a lot of important questions that anyone interested in travel PT might have including those relating to insurance, home ownership, traveling with kids, and more. There are blog posts as well as videos that you can watch to learn more about this exciting area of the PT profession.

Our favorite article: What is Travel PT?

The SoWH Blog (Women’s Health)

The SoWH is a great place to learn more about PT issues that are specifically related to Women’s Health. Patients can learn more about pelvic pain, osteoporosis, talking to their doctor about women’s health issues, and more. There are also great guest posts by various Women’s Health PTs!

Wound Care Advisor (Wound)

Wound Care advisor is full of fascinating news from the world of wounds. From brand new wound healthing science and treatments to assessment of the ways in which a wound can affect day to day life, this blg tackles so many topics. A great read for wound certified PTs, this resource looks at the issue of wounds from a variety of healthcare perspectives.

Our favorite article: Wounds That Won’t Heal can be Devastating

Wound Care Education Institute (Wound)

The Wound Care Education Institute has a strong focus on evidence based wound care. Here you will learn about new information relating to wounds, how to evaluate research on your own, and best practices in wound treatment. This is very great information for wound certified PTs and for other professionals specializing in wound care as well.

Our favorite article: First Things First When Evaluating Wound Healing Research

Wound Source (Wound)

While Wound Source is not specifically for PTs, a good portion of articles are PT written and it is a great source of wound-related news and information for wound care certified PTs. This site goes in depth into a variety of wound types, treatments, and more. Information is well researched and there is some good professional development information for those in this specialty as well.

Our favorite article: Debridement Strategies: Frequently Asked Questions